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What are you Becoming?

When I started this journey in 2015 it was all about constructing that solid financial foundation needed to get you to the next stage of your journey. As 2019 comes to a close I am excited for the growth experienced by not just you guys, but for myself as well. This new chapter we are going to start ... READ the POST

5 Personal Finance Tips For Millennials

Millennials are finding more and more that their money doesn't go as far as their parents' money did. As such, they have to be both more clever, and more determined, to make their money work for them. That isn't easy in this day and age, but there are a few tips that can give younger people a hand ... READ the POST

How to Create a Budget That Works

Budgeting! It’s a word that can strike fear in our hearts. For one thing, many people associate budgeting with not having much money. You have to stick to a budget to make sure you pay the bills. Budgeting can have associations of always buying generic paper towels, and doing without concerts, ... READ the POST

6 Tips to Combat Impulse Spending

Every day our email in boxes are filled with tempting offers from online stores and brick and mortar retailers -- bait for the millions of "fish" they hope to land. If the bait works and you bite, guess what? You're part of the billion dollar catch! There's a carefully planned strategy behind their ... READ the POST

Avoiding the Debt Cycle

Financially speaking, millennials have it rough. College is more expensive than ever, with college loans taking a chunk out of many millennials' paychecks long after they graduate. Cost of living is high, while finding an entry-level job that will support a family is next to impossible. When you're ... READ the POST