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Getting Out Of Debt: Two Strategies To Consider

So you found yourself with a bit of debt. Maybe it's from student loans, maybe it's credit card debt from emergency car repairs that couldn't be put off, or maybe you went a little crazy with holiday spending this year. If you are in debt to more than one creditor (e.g. you're carrying a balance on ... READ the POST

5 Ways To Increase Your Cash Flow

We spend a lot of time tackling debt and budgeting our cash flow.  But what happens when your budget just keeps coming up red month after month?  You've made all the cuts you can, and if you see one more peanut butter and jelly sandwich you might puke.  Cutting expenses will only get you so far.  At ... READ the POST

Top 4 Financial Mistakes Of Millennials

The best personal-finance tips for millenials should save you from making the biggest mistakes with your money. You know, the ones that you'll have to pay for in many years to come. With that idea in mind, here are tips from the experts about some of the most common and worst financial mistakes that ... READ the POST

Understanding What a Tax Refund Really Is

Each year millions of individuals and families go through the ritual of filing their taxes and waiting anxiously for their refund. But do they really understand that getting a big refund means they're "doing it wrong", as the Wall Street Journal's Carolyn T. Geer puts it? And she's absolutely right ... READ the POST

5 Ways to Put Your Tax Refund to Better Use

Expecting a tax refund?  You need a good plan on how to spend the money. Of course, you may want to treating yourself "as you deserve," but remember that the refund is not a bonus check.  Give the check a purpose by considering your financial situation and determining your top development needs. ... READ the POST