Learn How to Build Business Credit

Starting Your Own Business: Reality Check

Starting your own business sounds like a great way to increase your income without having to work as hard. Why spend your days grinding away for a company that doesn't appreciate what you're doing when you could make your own money? Even better: why not have other people make the money for you? ... READ the POST

Raising Financial Literacy in Your Teens

It's no secret that financial education is not taught in school.  May of us found ourselves in poor financial health at some point in our adult hood, not for lack of trying, but simply for not knowing any better.  This is why it's important to teach our children about money from a young age.  Start ... READ the POST

Car Buying: Why Buying Used Is the Best Option

For some people, buying a different car is a lifestyle choice. For others, it's a matter of necessity. Whatever your reason for entering the automobile market, the first choice you're faced with is whether to buy new, buy used, or lease. From an economics standpoint, buying used is usually the most ... READ the POST

How to Avoid Being Underwater on a Car Loan

A growing number of people are underwater on their car loans. Simply put, that means their outstanding balance is worth more than the car. Roughly 32% of people in 2016 were underwater on their car loans in 2016, compared to approximately 23% just five years previously. Many of them were ... READ the POST

The Road to Home Ownership: FHA vs. Conventional Mortgage

For many people, home ownership is the pinnacle of adulthood. Finally, you're able to afford a house for yourself and your family! You have your dream home in mind, and you're ready to take the plunge. First, however, you have to decide on the type of mortgage that's right for you. Deciding  between ... READ the POST