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Get to Know Me

Who is Abby?

Hey hey!! I’m Abena, sometimes I go by Abby.

If you asked me what is the ONE THING I could talk about ALL DAY LONG, it would easily be real estate. I’ve loved real estate since I was a kid. Before I ever knew about turning it into a business. I could look at properties all day – – single families, apartment complexes, commercial spaces. I’ve been fortunate to be able to turn that passion into a business that I enjoy growing and learning more about. Though I am primarily a single family buy and hold investor, my goal is to grow and do larger and more diverse deals in 2020 and beyond.

Before I started my real estate business I was a full time entrepreneur. I’ve had some successes and failures along the way with different business ventures. However, after 9 years as a full time entrepreneur I think I’m doing something right! 🙂

How Did We Get Here?

While working full-time and studying for my economics degree, I was determined to not only graduate debt-free, but to save some money to start a small investment fund.  I did graduate debt free and also managed to save up $500 – – that was big money to me, and I was excited about it. In my naivete I thought I would just call up some advisor and ask them what stocks I should buy to get this money growing. WELP! Surprise surprise that wasn’t how it went down.

Who knew that $500 would be the beginning of a life-changing financial and career adventure?

Not one to be easily discouraged, I decided to educate myself on how I can begin investing on my own.  The first stocks I ever purchased were Johnson and Johnson (JNJ) and I still own those shares today. I also discovered that there are many other investment paths to wealth building, and my favorite happens to be real estate and entrepreneurialism.

Most importantly, what that experience taught me is that, sometimes the desire for advancement is there but not always the know how.  My journey motivated me to launch this business, so that I could assist others on their journey by sharing my knowledge and experience.