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Archives for August 2017

6 Tips to Combat Impulse Spending

Every day our email in boxes are filled with tempting offers from online stores and brick and mortar retailers -- bait for the millions of "fish" they hope to land. If the bait works and you bite, guess what? You're part of the billion dollar catch! There's a carefully planned strategy behind their ... READ the POST

Avoiding the Debt Cycle

Financially speaking, millennials have it rough. College is more expensive than ever, with college loans taking a chunk out of many millennials' paychecks long after they graduate. Cost of living is high, while finding an entry-level job that will support a family is next to impossible. When you're ... READ the POST

5 Great Ways to Teach Your Kids About Money

One of the most important lessons you will ever teach your child is how to handle money--and that's a lesson that begins in early childhood. By working with your child now, you can cement the financial lessons you want them to learn early in life. Ultimately, this will help them manage their ... READ the POST

The Best Asset Allocation When You Are Under 35

Typically, people don't start thinking about retirement savings until later in life. However, the best time to start saving is as early as possible. Ideally, this means in your 20s, the moment you leave school and start earning an income. Currently, according to the Social Security Administration, ... READ the POST