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How To Build Equity in You – Part 1

When most people think about the concept of building equity, they think of home equity. But, in the broader financial context, equity means ownership. Investopedia defines equity as: "The value of an asset less the value of all liabilities on that asset." So what does that mean to someone who ... READ the POST

Why Your Budget Isn’t Working

When you tell someone that you're having trouble with your finances, the first thing they often tell you is that you need a budget! While that sounds great in theory, in many cases, even with a great budget, you'll still find yourself falling short at the end of a paycheck. If your budget isn't ... READ the POST

Saving Versus Investing

Time Horizon? As you start to earn money and set it aside, it's important to understand the difference between "saving" and "investing" and what sorts of vehicles are most appropriate to each. You can think of saving as putting your money aside for short or medium-range goals--goals you will mostly ... READ the POST